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Edward Allison Thornwell, from Fort Mill, South Carolina, was a member of the Clemson Class of 1904, in the Electrical Engineering course. His father was the Rev. J. H. Thornwell. While a cadet, he was accused on April 21, 1902, of taking a test tube from storage in a lab without permission, and the tempest it stirs up leads to the first student walk-out at Clemson on April 29. This indirectly resulted in the resignation of President Henry Simms Hartzog in June of 1902.

Allison's Senior biography in The Oconeean 1904:

"Squire" first saw the light at the famous, historic old town of Fort Mill, on April 22, 1885. He still resides at his birthplace. After finishing the prescribed course of study in Fort Mill High School, he came to Clemson, in September 1900, to engage in the study of Electrical Engineering. He is a youthful looking lad, measuring 5 feet 9 inches in one direction and 150 pounds in the other; has brown eyes and brown hair. "Squire's" marked ability in military affairs was not clearly exhibited until he reached his Senior year, when he was appointed Lieutenant of Company "B." Held the offices of Censor, Literary Critic and President of the Palmetto Society; Marshal in this society contest, '03; Literary Editor of The Clemson College Chronicle, '03-'04; was a member of the German Club, and of the Salons de Circle; Class Orator on Commencement Day. (Page 46.)

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