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Family View Cablevision is a Clemson and Central area cable company.


[edit] General Info

In addition to a standard basic cable lineup - including staples like Comedy Central, Speed TV, etc. - they offer three tiers of cable internet service: 1 Mbps, 3Mbps, and 6Mbps downstream, and around 512kbps upstream for each. At certain apartments, like Heritage at Riverwood, Family View offers significantly reduced pricing tiers in an attempt to gain userbase - almost half of package prices offered by Northland Cable. Basic cable and 1Mbit internet are about $65 monthly. Family View is essentially run by three people all from a sing family, they are technically adept, friendly, and eager to help customers.

[edit] Service Offerings

FamilyView Cablevision offers a basic lineup of over 65 channels, including channels like ESPN-U, Bravo, NFL Network and many others at a reasonable price. The Internet service is generally reliable and very reasonably priced. Recent upgrades have been made in an effort to alleviate past problems with latency and picture quality. They have a web page that has some information about their services -[1]. Residents at Heritage at Riverwood can sign up online and have their cable connected when they move in.

[edit] Reputation

Family View has not had a stellar reputation amoung Clemson students. However, since implementing a fiber optic backbone to their network, service quality has vastly improved. Picture quality, and internet latency have become less of a problem and the majority of students living in their area subscribe to the their cable modem service. Overall the services provided are reliable and fast.

[edit] Contact Info

FamilyView Cablevision
PO Box 8
Seneca, SC 29679

[edit] External Links

Family View's website