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Family View Cablevision is a Clemson and Central area cable company.

General Info

This is Clemson area cable company. They are locally owned and if you call the office, you'll get an actual persons voicemail. You'll directly speak with the office manager, Kala, whenever you call in. All set ups and installs are done by the owner, Larry. They are both really nice. You can actually text if there's a problem with service and get a response within a reasonable time. Since Kala is the only one answering phones, you may have to leave a voicemail for her. But, whenever I've had to leave one, she's called me back in a reasonable amount of time.

There's no credit check or crazy deposits or contracts.

Service Offerings

FamilyView Cablevision offers a basic lineup of over 65 channels, including channels like ESPN-U, Bravo, NFL Network and many others at a reasonable price. The Internet service is generally reliable. Recent upgrades have been made in an effort to alleviate past problems with latency and picture quality. They have a web page that has some information about their services -[1]. Residents at Heritage at Riverwood can sign up online and have their cable connected when they move in.

Contact Info

FamilyView CableVision PO Box 8 Seneca, SC 29679

Office: 864-885-9115 email:

External Links

Family View's website