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Fat Cat's Disco was one of series of failed attempts to use the large building on Tiger Boulevard opposite the train depot as a night spot. Opened in the fall of 1977 in attempt to cash in on the disco era, then in its upswing, Fat Cat's probably suffered from being just a little too far from campus (one mile), and not as fancy as its much larger rival, The Corporation, located almost all the way to Central on SC 93, and never attracted enough business to stay afloat. The company logo featured an alley cat who closely resembled Hanna-Barbara's "Top Cat", wearing a flat straw hat with a vest and cane, knocking ash off a cigar.

Apparently, by the winter of 1978, finances had become so dire, that on January 17, 1978, the building was set afire in an extremely amateurish manner, at 4:30 p.m. The hired arsonist was so ignorant that after setting the manager's office alight, he closed the door, allowing the kerosene-accelerated fire to snuff itself out as soon as the oxygen in the space was consumed. He also left behind the gas can that he bought the accelerant in. The Clemson Fire Department responded to reports of smoke, and extinguished the rest of the blaze before the structure sustained permanent damage. A Johnstone Hall-produced joke news sheet, the "C-6 Sludge" immediately featured a modified image of the alley cat, now dropping a match to light up the day.

This building had previously operated as The Library Club, April 19, 1975-1977, and would later be remodelled into several other short-lived businesses, including Crazy Zack's, and Bollwinkles.

As of 2009, this building has been vacant and up for lease for several years. It is in Area 51.

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