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Frank Burdick "Gator" Farr arrived on the campus of Clemson Agricultural College in 1927. He quickly established himself as a leader. It was his unique contributions as a cheerleader which distinguished him in a gifted and compelling way and aligned him forever to the Spirit of Clemson Athletics. Joining the cheering squad in his sophomore year (TAPS 1928, Volume XXI, page unnumbered.), he served as head cheerleader in the 1929-1930 school year. (TAPS 1930, Volume XXIII, page 225.) His inspirational antics on the Clemson sidelines over the next three decades would serve to enhance and perpetuate the Clemson Spirit.

"In 1928, a Clemson Cadet, F.B. “Gator” Farr ’30, had a continuing argument with his brother who was a student at The Citadel as to which school was the best. The Citadel had a fancy drill platoon that traditionally won the summer ROTC drill competition. They decided that the only way to settle the argument was for Clemson to enter the competition. Gator came back to Clemson and organized a drill platoon to enter the competition at the ROTC summer encampment in the summer of 1929. Clemson won the competition.

"The drill platooon continued drilling and was called “The Fancy Drill Platoon” or “Junior Platoon.” In 1934, the name was changed to “The Senior Platoon” as it [sic] members were all seniors or rising seniors." ("History of The Senior Platoon", Clemson Alumni Association,

As an alumnus, "Gator" Farr returned annually into at least the late 1970s to deliver the eulogy at the Gamecock Funeral, also known as the "Cocky Burn". This tradition continues, after a fashion, to the current day.

Central Spirit presents the The Gator Farr Award to any person who has been dedicated in furthering the goals and interests of Central Spirit and Clemson Athletics. The winners of this award are selected by a majority vote of the general membership of Central Spirit, and it is presented each spring at Athletic Awards Honor Day.

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