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General Editing Help

ClemsonWiki may seem hard to edit and add articles at first, but it really is quite simple. One should start at the Help:Editing for a few quick pointers. Articles can take basic HTML/CSS formatting, as well as an array of special editing commands designed to make formatting fast and easy. Every formatting possibility has an example on the Help:Editing page.


How to Create a New Article

This is easy. Just do a search for the exact name of the article you're trying to create, and if it does not already exist you will be given an option to author it.


One of the best ways to make ClemsonWiki rich is to be sure to hotlink any and all words in your articles that may be of interest to someone. For example, in the China Wok article, you can see that Monterrey's, Skins, US Highway 76 are all hotlinked. There may or may not be articles for these particular hotlinks, but by doing so one allows users to click on any one of these hotlinks to create or edit the article.


Categetories may be created and added to an article by typing:


You can type that anywhere in the article, but to follow convention you should type it at the end of the article. If a category doesn't exist for your article, that will automatically create it, and if the category already exists, that command will add your article to the category.


You may have noticed that some of the code for certain articles have something similar to:


Basically a template is an article that can be used over several other articles. You can embed a template anywhere into any article. Templates are useful for any information that is recurring and is relevant for many different articles. To create a template, search for "template:template_name" (without the quotes), where template_name is what you would like to call your template. If the template already exists, you are then able to view or edit as needed, and if a template does not exist, just click on "Create this Article" and proceed as any other article.


Most of the articles on ClemsonWiki can use pictures. If you happen to have a picture of something relevant to an article, we encourage you to add it to any article. A more complete ClemsonWiki benefits all of us. You'll need to first create an account. Then, you can click on "Upload file" in the bottom left, in the toolbox. Follow the instructions, and look to other articles for ideas about placement, sizing, etc.

Project Clemson

If you'd like, you can join The Clemson Project, a page for editors of the ClemsonWiki to communicate and coordinate their efforts to improve the ClemsonWiki.