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A Wikilink is an inline link used to link different topics together in a Wiki. For example, James Barker is a Wikilink.

How to use Wikilinks[edit]

Adding a wikilink to an article is very easy. Simply type a double pair of straight brackets around a word you wish to wikilink: "[[ ]]". For example, to wikilink to Clemson University, I would type "[[Clemson University]], which would create Clemson University.

When to use Wikilinks[edit]

Wikilinks can be used anytime something is mentioned in an article on ClemsonWiki that also has it's own article. For example, "The Football team, coached by Tommy Bowden, defeated Vanderbilt at Death Valley on November 17th, 2012." Each of the relevant topics mentioned in that sentence is linked to its own article. However, be careful not to wikilink too much, as too many wikilinks can get annoying.

Pipe links[edit]

It's also helpful to use Pipe linking to make things easier.