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Heritage at Riverwood is an apartment complex located just beyond the Clemson city limits in Central. It's owned by Burton Properties, who also manage Heritage Pointe, Heritage Hills, Heritage Station, and a number of smaller, individual buildings in and around Clemson. The complex is set just off of Issaqueena Trail, which is off of US 123, and is about 5 highway minutes from campus - except on gamedays, of course. It's about a mile south of the new Central Wal-Mart.

Typical Heritage at Riverwood building

General Info

The complex largely houses Clemson undergrads, though there are a significant number of non-students there as well. It is relatively new (construction completed around 2002 on the first phase; some buildings were completed summer 2004) and features generic amenities: there is a tiny weight room and a 4 ft. deep pool that's very popular during summer months. The area is relatively calm and well-kept; parties occur, but generally if you want your peace and quiet it's not hard to find. There have been reports of excess noise in some of the buildings, specifically those closer to the entrance or downstairs units under a person who likes to walk around a lot. Because the buildings are new, they are up to newer building and fire codes. Due to the moist location next to the creek, there is a somewhat higher level of mold in some units.

Rent is toward the higher end of what's normal in Clemson. There are single and two bedroom, two bath units available. Each has a similar floorplan, and all units have their own washer, dryer, microwave, dish washer, refrigerator, and two bar stools, but that's the extent of the furnishings that are provided. Sewer is a flat fee per month: $7 for 1-bedroom apartments, $12 for 2-bedrooms. Water is extra and can easily run $25/month or more, thanks to the recent Clemson city water rate increase. The water meters break from time to time, however, so you might get a few months with a flat water fee. Cable TV and internet is provided by Family View, (cable TV service costs about $37 and Internet is $23 for a 256K X 512K connection, a lot less than Northland)AT&T Uverse is also available running around $55/month for TV & Internet. BellSouth handles telephone and offers DSL, though many residents forgo landlines altogether. However, cell phones reception is awful in practically all units. There is a distinct lack of any cell towers nearby. The result is residents spend a lot of quality time outside in the parking lot talking on the phone.

Heritage at Riverwood is a good choice if you're looking for a place well off campus that is modern, clean and comparatively quiet. CAT bus service is NOT available at this complex, however, Burton Properties allows you to park at Heritage Pointe about 1/2 mile up Issaqueena to catch the bus from there. However, by the time one drives there and parks, one could already be almost to campus. The nearest bus stop to the property is the Red Route at Issaqueena and Cambridge.


105 Heritage Riverwood Dr.
Central, SC 29630
Main office: (864) 654-1130

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