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Hillcrest Avenue is a residential street in a neighborhood of Clemson, South Carolina, that grew up in the first decades of the 1900s immediately north of the Clemson Agricultural College across the Old Greenville Highway from campus, well before the City of Clemson was incorporated in the 1940s.

Hillcrest Avenue is an irregular two-block street, with its eastern end diverging on the south side from North Clemson Avenue just west of the commercial block, and connecting to the Old Greenville Highway from the north. From a T-intersection on the inside of the curve of North Clemson Avenue, Hillcrest Avenue serpentines around a natural defile before heading west for no more than a third of mile past private residences on the south side and sloping terrain on the north side. After following the natural topographical crest for a short distance, the alignment takes a 90 degree turn to the south and extends for two narrow blocks, intersected by an east-west alley, to descend down a short grade to meet Highway 93 in a T-intersection from the north. Dargan Lane diverges westward from the 90-degree Hillcrest Avenue turn on the same east-west axis.

The house at 107 Hillcrest Avenue was erected in 1917 by Lawrence Andrew Sease, a graduate of Clemson's first class in 1896, who served as both a faculty member and a member of the Board of Trustees.

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