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James F. Barker is the former President of Clemson University. President Barker was inaugurated on April 7, 2000. As the fourteenth president of the university, Baker graduated from Clemson in 1970 with a Bachelor's degree in Architecture, and received his Master's degree in 1973 from Washington University in St. Louis.

While an undergraduate at Clemson, Baker was a member of Central Dance Association, was a High Court Attorney, vice president of Delta Kappa Alpha, a member of Tau Sigma Delta and of the American Institute of Architecture. (TAPS 1969, Volume 59, page 213.) He succeeded Harlan E. McClure as dean of the College of Architecture in 1986. He is originally from Kingsport, Tennessee, and is married to Mrs. Marcia Barker. They have two sons, Jacob and Britt. Barker is widely known for his initiative to make Clemson a top 20 public university.


"Our vision is to move into the Top 20 and we had to get into the Top 30 in order to get to the Top 20."

Contact Information

James F. Barker
President, Clemson University
201 Sikes Hall
Clemson, SC 29634
[email protected]

Preceded by: Constantine William Curris Presidents of Clemson Succeeded by: James P. Clements