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James Corcoran "J. C." Littlejohn (November 27, 1888 - January 30, 1959), from Jonesville, South Carolina, long-time business manager for Clemson Agricultural College, was a graduate of the Clemson Class of 1908 in the Electrical Engineering course. While a cadet at Clemson, he held the ranks of Corporal; Sergeant-Major and Major. He served as Corresponding Secretary and President of the Calhoun Literary Society; was a member of the Senior Dancing Society; Cotillion Club; 1908 TAPS staff; won the Debater's Medal, Calhoun Literary Society (1907).

Said his Senior biographical blurb in the 1908 TAPS, Volume Number One: "While other Electricals spend their time in silly babblings, "John" devotes his idle moments to building castles in the air and enthroning therein the object of his adoration. He won fame as an athlete in his senior year by running from the college building to barracks to escape the dire penalty for being out of barracks one-sixteenth of a second after call to quarters. His one aim and object in life is to run a motor." (Page 27)

Littlejohn Coliseum is named for him.

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