January 23

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January 23 in Clemson History

Events on January 23 in Clemson's History

  • 1866: Milton Lafayette Donaldson weds Margaret Louisa Ware.
  • 1902: Dissent on campus among the students over the college's rigid military discipline and overcrowding in the barracks, among other things, leads to in-fighting between the student body and faculty, some of whom, it becomes obvious, are hated by the cadets. Senior James Lynah ill-advisedly steals a turkey from the yard of history professor W.S. Morrison and his graduation is held up. The senior class petitions the faculty to let him graduate. The senate cannot muster the three-fourths majority required to expell Lynah during its January 22-January 23 meeting, but suspends the cadet indefinitely. The secret proceedings of the meeting become known to the students within the day, revealing that at least one faculty member, sympathetic to the students, leaked the debate. An outraged President Henry Simms Hartzog calls a special meeting of the professors and denounces the "eavesdroppers or traitors in the Faculty" and describes "the condition of affairs" as "annoying, serious, and disgraceful." Eventually, Lynah is allowed to graduate, and becomes a loyal alumnus.
  • 1905: Daniel Keating Norris, Clemson Life Trustee, dies at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland. The Board of Trustees elect Alan Johnstone as a new Life Trustee.
  • 1940: Temperatures in the Upstate fall below zero, the coldest temperatures since 1836, as far as records showed, and snow falls that remains for several days.
  • 1971: Chicago plays in Littlejohn Coliseum.
  • 1975: Long-lived radio show "Sporttalk" first broadcast on WSBF-FM.
  • 1980: Circuit Court Judge C. Victor Pyle warns the Clemson student body in Pickens County General Sessions Court that any drug violation other than simple possession of marijuana will be met with jail time rather than probationary methods. This follows the sentencing of Dave Lorick, the former head of the Central Dance Association, to three years in prison on cocaine and other assorted charges. Most students in this investigation were arrested in early December.
  • 2007: The Clemson City Council holds a public hearing at the First Baptist Church Family Life Center at 7 p.m. to receive comments regarding a potential ordinance that would prohibit smoking in public building locations. Free parking at the Clemson parking deck. It is announced that Bowden Bowl IX will open the football season when the Tigers host FSU in Death Valley on September 3 at 8 p.m., televised nationally on ESPN.
  • 2010: ESPN's College Game Day comes to Littlejohn Coliseum for the first time ever. The record basketball attendence for this broadcast is 5,000, so Coach Oliver Purnell urges all Tiger fans to turn out for this event. Doors open at 8:30 a.m. Saturday. Clemson sets a new Game Day record when some 10,000 show up.

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