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  • 1888: Edgar Allan Brown, a Clemson University Life Trustee, a well-known state legislator and power in the Democratic Party, is born near Shiloh Springs in Aiken County, South Carolina.
  • 1911: Richard Newman Brackett is promoted to Professor and Director - Department of Chemistry and Chief Chemist Fertilizer Division on this date.
  • 1912: Colonel Richard W. Simpson, the first Chairman of the Board of Trustees, dies in hospital in Atlanta.
  • 1924: Examinations given for the award of the regular four-year agricultural and textile scholarships and for entrance into the Freshman class of Clemson Agricultural College.
  • 1941: ROTC cadets from Clemson on summer training simulate a German "attack" on Anderson. Leaflets are dropped by airplane warning that the city will be "taken", a smokescreen is set off at the courthouse, and when the smoke clears "fully-armed cadets dressed as Germans were standing there. City and county officials were 'arrested' and national newsreels recorded it all." (Badders, Hurley E., Anderson County, a pictorial history", The Donning Company, Norfolk, Virginia, 1983, Library of Congress card number 82-23463, ISBN 0-89865-301-0, page 115.)
  • 1997: Clemson officials announce that women's rowing will be added as a varsity sport. Although new to Clemson, rowing was the first intercollegiate sport in the United States with the first regatta occurring between Harvard and Yale in 1852. ("Clemson: Where The Tigers Play", by Sam Blackman, Bob Bradley and Chuck Kriese, Sports Publishing, L.L.C., 2001, page 150).

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