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If you want to play pool or watch the game while trying various beers, Keith Street Pub & Grille was the place to go. It featured a full service sit-down restaurant for lunches and dinners while the bar area stayed open well into the night. They had 108 imported beers as well as 14 beers on tap and a full bar to serve your every need. Located in the bar area were two pool tables and a big-screen TV with plenty of seating around. Keith Street was famous for its large variety of beers and its "passport," a checklist of sorts to keep track of how many varieties of beer a person has tried. Upon filling all beers on the passport, the patron's name would be added to a plaque on the wall. The business opened in 1991.


As of March 2009, Keith Street Pub & Grille has closed down during the winter and will not reopen. Rumours that an incident that occurred the night of the Steve Miller concert between a staff member (read: bartender) and a roadie from the Steve Miller crew precipitatated the shut down are apparently just that - rumour, with the owner actually closing to focus on other business opportunities. What is true is that pool cues, broken glass, blood and a HazMat team were involved in the post-concert incident. What is also true is that many businesses in town have been adversely impacted by both the downturn in Clemson football fortunes as well as the several games that kicked off at noon or 1 p.m., cutting the visiting and shopping time for visitors drastically during the fall.

In March 2009, the business space was being remodeled into The Den, a business that would not survive even until the end of the year.


Keith Street Pub & Grille
101 Keith Street
Clemson, SC 29631

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