Lake Keowee

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Lake Keowee is a reservoir created by Keowee Dam and Little River Dam. It impounds the Keowee River and the Little River, each of which exits through its respective dam. The two rivers join just below the dams and their confluence forms the Seneca River, a tributary of the Savannah River. Lake Keowee is used as cooling water for three nuclear reactors located at the Oconee Nuclear Generating Station which are owned by Duke Energy Corporation. Duke Energy's Keowee Hydro Station generates 158 MW from the dammed lake. The lake covers about 18,372 acres and has maximum depth of 297 feet.

The Keowee River, now inundated by Lake Keowee, was the heart of the Cherokee Lower Towns region. The principal Lower Town, Keowee was on the bank of the river and gave both the river and the lake their names.

Camp Jocassee for Girls was located in Jocassee Valley on the banks of the Whitewater River from 1921 until 1970 (Jocassee Valley was ?ooded in 1971) . The camp moved to Lake Keowee beginning in 1971, but it ceased operation after the 1976 season.