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Lamar's was a night club located on the US 123 By-pass across the road from the train depot in Clemson. It operated from about 1971 to about 1976, and was used as a primary shooting location for the 1973 filming of The Midnight Man with Burt Lancaster and Susan Clark. Several scenes took place inside the building, and at least one exterior shot showed the facade, and in the distance, the rotating green and white Hess gasoline station signs that used to stand on the southwest corner of 123 and College Avenue, (where Starbuck's is now located.)

Lamar's had one of the few liquor licences in Clemson during its run in town.

The bar owner character in the film was named "Mr. Lamar" played by William Splawn, as no effort was made to change the name of the business for the exterior shots.

For a few years after Lamar's closed, the business became The Roundtable at the turn of the 1980s.

This white building with dark trim and a mansard roof is the long-time location of The Athletic Department sports store, now carrying the address of 1102 Tiger Boulevard.