Low Rises

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The Low Rises (photo by Jake Stoudenmire)

Low Rises refers to Barnett, Mauldin, and Smith dorms in the Horseshoe.

Mauldin, Barnett and Smith, known as the "low-rises", are located just across from the High Rises residence halls. Each of these buildings can house 150 students and is carpeted throughout. The rooms are arranged in suites of six or seven rooms with communal baths and utility rooms for each suite. Barnett and Smith halls both house national sororities. Mauldin Hall houses freshman males.

Smith Hall is named for Winchester C. Smith Jr., Board of Trustees member (1954-1972).
Barnett Hall is named for W. D. Barnett, Class of 1910, president of the Clemson Alumni Association (1934-1936) and Board of Trustees member (1935-1940).
Mauldin Hall is named for William H. Mauldin, Board of Trustees member (1894-1900).