May 9

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May 9 in Clemson History

  • May 8-May 9, 1902: Although initial support for maintaining order and discipline at the college is strongly in favor of Hartzog and the faculty, this is undercut when the Reverend J.H. Thornwell, father of the cadet expelled for taking test tubes from storage without permission, protests that his son has been unfairly denied due process, and demands that the board hear an appeal. The Board of Trustees hold open hearings in the chapel on May 8-9 in the presence of the faculty and the cadets and reinstates Thornwell, as well as all of the sophomores who walked out, providing that they make up the classes they missed. President Hartzog resigns amidst this crisis, meeting one of the student demands. The trustees do not accept his resignation, however, and the situation remains confused until he tenders his resignation a second time in June and departs for the University of Arkansas.

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