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General Info

A typical room in McCabe or Holmes (photo courtesy Clemson University)

McCabe Hall, completed in 1994, is named in honor of W. Gordon McCabe, Jr., member of the Board of Trustees, 1960-1978. The architects were Boudreaux, Hulstrand, & Carter. It stands on the footprint of Johnstone Hall B-section, the first portion of that 1954 dormitory to be completed (September 17) and occupied (September 20). Architecturally, it is a throwback in exterior style, echoing the long-gone Barracks 2 and 3 which Johnstone B had, in turn, replaced. McCabe eschewed the "Clemson pink brick" and white structural material style that had dominated campus buildings from 1962 with the erection of Martin Hall through the 1980s.

McCabe Hall is a suite-style dorm at Clemson, located directly next to Holmes and sharing basically the same floor plan. Rooms are arranged suite-style, with two people to a room, and two rooms to a common bathroom. Rooms sharing a bathroom are same-sex, obviously, but halls are co-ed by suite. Actual square footage of the rooms is larger than most of the dorms on campus, and about the same as Stadium Suites. Each floor has a community kitchen/lounge with stove, microwave, tables and chairs, etc. that are used for studying more often than not. Both Holmes and McCabe buildings are about 300 yards away from the stadium, and both sit about 20 yards from the Harcombe dining hall, the Edgar A. Brown University Union and the post office.

McCabe generally houses sophomore-and-above undergrads. It is not a dry building, as Holmes is, and has no honors restrictions.

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