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Mike Bays - Tiger Mascot

  • The following was submitted on July 2, 2007, by Mu Beta Psi Delta Chapter alumnus Ryan Hauck: Mike Bays, brother of Allison Bays Farkas (Delta Brother, pledged 1990), has been diagnosed with possible multiple myeloma, a cancer of the blood. Many of you may know Mike as The Tiger--he was the official mascot of Clemson University from 1994 to 1997. The year before that he also served as an equipment manager for Tiger Band. He was probably the best Tiger we've ever had [after Zack Mills in the late 1970s - Editor], and a great friend to Tiger Band. Anyone who was in Tiger Band in the mid-90's will well remember Mike's propensity to spend a LOT of time around the band during football games--he knew to use us as a catalyst to get the rest of the stadium fired up. Mascots these days spend nowhere near the same amount of time around the band, which is a real shame. Mike has also worked as a mascot for the Greenville Grrrowl hockey team and the Greenville Drive baseball team. Mike is currently in Greenville Memorial Hospital. From the family: "Mike [Bays] is in the hospital after fracturing his hip in a fall while working for the Greenville Drive baseball team. Thank goodness, as we learned from him, he was not in the Mascot suit but was doing a 'promotional' game. He leaned forward to put a hard hat on a child and slipped on a program, fracturing his hip (his left leg just gave out on him). He ended up in emergency where several x-rays were conducted and eventually had surgery yesterday morning. The x-rays and a CT scan showed that there was a 4-inch hole in the 'ball of the femur' of the ball and socket joint and a fluid-filled cyst." I know the entire Bays family can use your prayers, thoughts, and support right now.
  • Update - July 4, 2007:Good morning, everyone, and happy 4th. I wanted to pass along some updates for Mike Bays. After the initial diagnosis Mike had a PET scan to determine whether the cancer was localized or widespread. The PET scan was negative; there is only one isolated area in his femur, which needs to be treated with radiation. The doctor has termed the condition "plasmacytoma", a much-improved diagnosis over multiple myeloma. This is about the best news that Mike and family could have asked for. From the family: "Mike is recovering slowly from the hip surgery, but has recovered mentally by leaps and bounds since the updated diagnosis. He is trying to remain positive and fight his illness. He is still due to have a bone marrow test, and we will be looking forward to the results. Nothing these days are 100%. This has truly been a blessing from above. No doubt God is on our side. Thanks to everyone for the prayers and support. Everyone here is a lot more at ease since the update on Monday." Mike is at Greenville Memorial Hospital, which has e-cards available (http://www.ghs.org).
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