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November 8 in Clemson History

  • 1902: The Tigers shut out Georgia on Bowman Field, 36-0, to tie the series at 3-3.
  • 1912: November 6-November 8 - Sixteenth Annual Conference of the South Carolina DAR held at the Clemson College, hosted by the Andrew Pickens Chapters.
  • 1916: A meeting of Clemson alumni from Florence County gathers at the Central Hotel. The Tiger reported that the attendees enjoyed "a splendid supper which had been prepared for them" and that "[T]he principal speech of the occasion was made by Prof. F. H. H. Calhoun of Clemson college [sic]." (The Tiger, Wednesday 15 November 1916, Volume XII, Number 6, page 3.)
  • 1930: Clemson defeats the Virginia Military Institute Flying Squadron, 32-0, in match played in Norfolk, Virginia. The Washington Club boat charter aboard the Northland of the Washington Steamship Company, departs Norfolk at 8 p.m., arriving at the 7th Street wharf in Washington, D.C. about 7 a.m. on November 9. The YMCA picture is Paramount Pictures' "The Social Lion" starring Jack Oakie, released June 21, 1930. A garage mechanic and would-be prizefighter gets spot on polo team at ritzy country club, having learned to play while in the U.S. Army, and proceeds to get airs about his position in life. Shows on Saturday morning and at 1:40 p.m., eleven cents to get in. The Elizabethan Players present The Merchant of Venice at 8 p.m.
  • 1947: Clemson begins a fifteen-game winning streak, the longest in school history, with a 35-7 win over Furman, played in Greenville.
  • 1952: Clemson travels to Fordham, tieing them, 12-12. In the first Varsity game he ever started, tailback Don King (5-11, 175 lbs.) from Anderson, gained 234 yards rushing. He recalled that he didn't complete a pass that afternoon "There was about a 40-mile-per-hour wind that day." (Martin, Johnny, "Death Valley: 72 Years of Exciting Football at Clemson University", Independent Publishing Co., Anderson, S.C., 1968, Library of Congress card number 68-58849, page 110.)
  • 1957: The first-ever Tigerama is staged, sponsored by Blue Key. A dance sponsored by Central Dance Association follows that features the famed Stan Kenton. Miss Phyllis O'Dell is selected as Homecoming Queen.
  • 1958: Ranked seventeenth, Clemson travels to Georgia Tech, is shut out, 0-13.
  • 1977: Several hundred students are entertained by The Amazing Randi, world-renowned magician and escape artist, in Tillman Hall Auditorium, in a return visit to Clemson. He had previously performed in Tillman on December 3, 1974.
  • 1979: Dinner theatre in Edgar's with the Alpha Omega Players, a two-couple troupe out of Texas, presenting a comic western melodrama, Jenny, the Mail Order Bride. "Cast thy popcorn at the villain!"
  • 1985: Groundbreaking for the Strom Thurmond Institute, attended by Vice President George H. W. Bush. Four inch button proclaims "George Bush and I dug it together". Late appearance of the CU "Flaming Toilet" logo.
  • 2003: Bowden Bowl V - The jinx is broken! Tommy Bowden finally defeats Bobby Bowden in Death Valley in the only father-son head coaching match-up in college football history, with the Tigers beating the third-ranked Seminoles, 26-10.
  • 2008: Florida State prevails over the Tigers, 27-41, in Tallahassee.¬†: Lake Hartwell falls to record low level of 639.3 feet MSL since filling in 1961-1962. Normal full pool is 660 feet MSL. Ravenel's Bridge, later named Memorial Bridge,'s remnants rise above the surface completely of the Seneca River. (Thanks to Trent Allen of Allen's Creations for bridge update. For those with Facebook accounts, the editor directs you to a 15 image gallery on Trent's page.)
  • 2009: The Clemson Memorial 5K Run and Walk is sponsored by Fraternity and Sorority Life, the Harvey and Lucinda Gantt Center for Student Life, at 2 p.m., benefitting the Student Memorial Project
The elevator stopped several feet in between the fourth and fifth floors, and when Fuchs attempted to jump down, his clothing was caught, sending him swinging into the gap below the elevator and down the shaft.


In addition to Maserati, Fuchs was also the drummer for several other indie rock bands, including !!!, Vineland, Holy Ghost! and Turing Machine.
Fuchs grew up in Marietta and attended the University of Georgia. He moved to New York in 1995, according to The New York Times.

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