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Oconee Reptiles is located on the Highlands Highway in Walhalla, South Carolina. It is easily seen from the road by its notable sign advertising "LIVE SNAKES" and "MOUSE POPSICLES." It is home to dozens of different species of Snakes, plus a few turtles and frogs. Many of the snakes, including rattlesnakes, cottonmouths, copperheads, and coral snakes, are poisonous and this is indicated on their tanks.

Oconee Reptiles is run by a talkative friendly man who knows lots about the snakes and loves to tell about them. Oconee Reptiles is not a store, though two or three of the snakes may be for sale. It is primarily a place where police, landlords, and other people can humanely get rid of unwanted snakes.

Some snakeskin wallets and other pieces of clothing are for sale, but the owner makes very clear that they are all from snakes who have died on their own, as Oconee Reptiles never kills any of their snakes.

Admission for the educational tour is $2 per person. Hours are "By appointment or by chance"

James L. Farmer
1537 Highlands Highway
Walhalla, South Carolina 29691