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October 11 in Clemson History

Events on October 11 in Clemson's History

  • 1913: In a road trip to play Alabama, the Tigers fall, 0-20. Tigers lead series, 3-2.
  • 1915: "Dr. Riggs stated in chapel yesterday that the recent demonstration [over the 3-0 defeat of Tennessee in Knoxville] showed more college spirit than had been exhibited here in more than seven years. Owing to the fact that it was Sunday, the boys refrained from raising too much racket at the station and from using some of the most thrilling yells. Under ordinary circumstances, the entire corps would have been at the station." (The Tiger, "Cadets Celebrate Tennessee Victory", Tuesday 12 October 1915, Volume XI, Number 4, page 2.)
  • 1919: In a roadtrip to Georgia Tech, the Tigers are skunked, 0-28.
  • October 11, 1924-October 14, 1924: The last and largest student walk-out in Clemson history, and the greatest challenge of acting President Samuel Broadus Earle's tenure. Student gripes about the quality of food in the mess spiral out of control when the cadet emissary sent to the commandant, Colonel Otis R. Cole, to ask permission for a student meeting is accused of having "liquor on his breath". He is hauled immediately before the discipline committee and suspended for a year. Outraged cadets are refused permission to meet regarding the expelled, a popular student who is senior class president and captain of the football team, but they meet on Riggs Field anyway and draft a petition demanding better food, the dismissal of mess officer J. D. Harcombe, and reinstatement of their dismissed classmate. When Earle refuses their demands, promising only to continue investigating the mess allegations, 500 cadets leave campus on the evening of October 14 in protest. The walk-out results in twenty-three dismissals and 112 suspensions, as well as sixty-five honorable discharges from various classes, and the withdrawal from school of thirty-six students who are unwilling to face the punishments awaiting them when they return to campus. Although the board of trustees commends Earle for not relinquishing his authority to student demands, the toll on the school is a lingering discontent and unwanted bad publicity.
  • 1929: In a game played in Charlotte, North Carolina, Clemson blanks N.C. State, 26-0.
  • 1930: Clemson, in yellow, meets North Carolina State in Central High School Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina, in front of a crowd of 6,000. The Tigers blank N.C. State, 27-0. ("The Tiger", October 15, 1930, Volume XXVI, Number 5, page 1).
  • 1941: The Tigers play Boston College in Fenway Park, winning 26-13.
  • 1948: A $42,000 expansion of the Clemson Baptist Church is in use by this date, reports the Greenville News. The addition, of brick veneer construction, three stories high, was dedicated recently, equipment has been put in place and the structure is being used. The ground floor contains one large room for beginners and two nursery classrooms. The second floor has three offices, church parlor and a large Sunday School class room, and the third floor has the junior department assembly room, four classrooms and dressing rooms for the baptistery. A new entrance to the church auditorium was built and the ground floor of the old building was remodeled to make room for the primary department, including an assembly room and three classrooms. Two large assembly rooms on the third floor were converted into an intermediate department including an assembly room and four classrooms. Three classrooms for adults were also remodeled, the club room was repainted and the floor refinished, and a new heating system for the entire church was installed. The Rev. Harold Cole is pastor of the church, and Rev. J. L. Spangenberg is the minister of students. (Staff correspondent, "Addition To Clemson Baptist Church Ready: $42,000 Structure Now In Use - More Sunday School Space", Greenville News, Tuesday, 12 October 1948, Volume LXXIV, Number 286, page 5.)
  • 1952: Clemson plays at Florida, losing, 13-54.
  • 1958: Ranked eighth, Clemson plays night game at Vanderbilt, wins, 12-7.
  • 1979: Kappa Alpha fraternity is placed on two weeks social suspension and fined $200 for bad behavior on October 7 when brothers harassed EMTs summoned to the frat quad to deal with an inebriation case. This story will develop further on October 19.
  • 1980: A 64-member strong Tiger Band pep band is sent to Virginia game in Charlottesville for the first-ever overnight pep trip. All previous pep bands have been daytrips only. The Tigers pull out a squeaker against the Cavaliers, 27-24, on an Obed Ariri 59-yard field goal! IPTAY funded this long-haul pep band trip, wanting "portable crowd noise" in Charlottesville!
  • 1988: Alaric Wayne Hunt, 18, and Jason Hugh Dinalt Hunt, 19, of Bishopville, are sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Clemson graduate student Joyce Austin, killed in an arson fire at the Forest Hills apartment building on May 30, 1988. The brothers set the fire, and a second one at Calhoun Mansion, to divert attention from their robbery of Clemson Jewelers.http://mugshots.com/US-Counties/South-Carolina/Pickens-County-SC/Jason-Hugh-Dinalt-Hunt.1246718/details/http://mugshots.com/US-Counties/South-Carolina/Pickens-County-SC/Alaric-Wayne-Hunt.1247344/details/
  • 1997: Clemson loses to Virginia, 7-21, in night game in Death Valley.
  • 2005 - Coldplay performs in Littlejohn Coliseum.
  • 2007: Tiger Paw Productions presents The Newsboys in Littlejohn Coliseum with Kutless and New Worldson. Ticket information at 864-656-1413.

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