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Palmetro Textbooks is brand division (subsidiary) of Palmetro Outdoor Media, LLC. It is a small business engaged in the practice of buying and selling educational media, mostly used college textbooks. Palmetro's Book Stop schedule indicates that most of its stops are made at Clemson University, where the company is located.

The firm has been in operation since 2009 and to date holds a low market-share of the used textbook purchasing in its region. The company's website touts a Top Price Guarantee in which it alleges to beat the offer made by any campus bookstore buy-back.

The company offers a unique value proposition to textbook sellers in that it:

-Purchases items directly, thus enables sellers to forego listing and shipping items -Pays immediate legal tender cash (USD) to sellers older than 18 years of age -Follows a specified route along a network of upstate South Carolina "Palmtero Book Stops" located at college campus towns. -Allows sellers to "check in" for non-obligatory quotes at their local stop or stop of their choice.

If you sell anything to Palmetro, it is necessary to provide a photo I.D. (i.e. a Driver's License). The company has a policy published on its website that states I.D.'s are required.

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