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Phi Delta Theta has a long and distinguished history at Clemson.

Founded in 1848 at Miami University on the values of friendship, sound learning and moral rectitude, Phi Delta Theta seeks men of outstanding character who wish to join one of the nation’s premiere collegiate fraternities.

Phi Delta Theta Crest

The South Carolina Gamma Chapter was founded on March 7, 1970, making it one of the oldest fraternities on campus and one of only a few with a replete presence at Clemson for nearly four decades. Phi Delts are involved in a variety of campus organizations including Student Senate and the Clemson Guide Association.

The Chapters work in the community has earned it Phi Delta Theta’s National Philanthropy Award for the past five years. Phi Delt holds its annual “Phi Delt 500,” a tricycle race for sororities, and "Chariots for Charity," a fraternity constructed chariot race, both raising money for Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

  • National Founding Year: 1848
  • Clemson Founding Year: 1970
  • Colors: Azure (Blue) and Argent (White)
  • Open Motto: “One Man is No Man”

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