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[edit] General Information

The Department of Political Science is an academic department within the College of Business and Behavioral Science. The department offers two undergraduate degrees, a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and a Bachelor of Science in Political Science. Class topics include American Government, International Relations, Comparative Politics (Middle-Eastern, European, Russian, East Asian, etc.), Political Theory, National Security Policy, Global Terrorism, American Constitutional Law, Politics and Religion, Political Parties and Elections, as well as many others. Dr. William Lasser is currently the interim chairperson of the department.

For graduate degrees, the Political Science department conducts the joint MPA program along with the University of South Carolina and the College of Charleston.

A post-graduate program in Policy Studies is also offered through the Political Science department and the Strom Thurmond Institute.

The Political Science office is located in Brackett Hall on the 2nd Floor.

[edit] Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science degree has a 130 credit hour requirement. This degree prepares students for a wide range of graduate programs and career opportunities. The bachelor of arts program provides broad coverage of the political science discipline and emphasizes communication skills and language arts. Many students choose this degree as a foundation for entering into law-school upon graduation, but it is also useful for students interested in international relations or foreign policy. The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science also requires the student to select a minor. The General Education Requirements apply to this major, along with 12 sequential credit hours of a foreign language.

[edit] Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Political Science degree also has a 130 credit hour requirement, like the Bachelor of Arts in Political Science degree. The bachelor of science program is recommended for those with an aptitude for mathematics and/or an interest in political economy, public administration, public policy, or other fields requiring advanced quantitative skills, but is also appropriate for students wishing to go to law school. The General Education Requirements also apply for this degree, but students do not have to take a foreign language. Instead, students must take a multi-variate calculus class along with a class on quantitative methods in Political Science. Also, instead of choosing a minor, students must select an area of concentration from the following: American Politics, International Politics, Political Economy, Public Administration, or Public Policy. It should be noted that some of these concentration areas may require the student to select a minor.

[edit] B.A. and B.S. Course Requirements

Every student seeking this degree must take the following core courses:

POSC 101: Intro to American Government

POSC 102: Global Politics

POSC 104: Intro to Comparative Politics

POSC 301: Foundations of Political Science

Note: Students may choose between POSC 102 and POSC 104, they do not have to take both courses.

From here, students must take an additional 21 credit hours of Political Science courses at the 300-400 level, including at least one (1) course from 4 of the following 5 fields: American Government, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Theory, Public Policy and Public Administration

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