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Basic Information

The Pre-Pharmacy program at Clemson is not a degree granting curriculum; although Clemson will award, under certain conditions, the degree of Bachelor of Science in Pre-Professional Studies to a student who has completed the first year of a pharmacy curriculum after completing a minimum of 90 approved semester credit hours at Clemson. Pre-Professional Studies degree applications are available in the student records office. Clemson's Pre-Pharmacy curriculum was established to help insure that the prerequisites for application to the Pharmacy program at the South Carolina College of Pharmacy (SCCP). (Requirements for most Pharmacy schools are fairly similar, but, if a student is interested in a school other than the South Carolina College of Pharmacy, as many are, he or she should obtain a catalog from that school so that progress in fulfilling the requirements there can be monitored.) The South Carolina College of Pharmacy requires completion of the sophomore year or 66 semester hours at an institution of higher learning. Once accepted at a pharmacy school, the student begins work on a doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) degree, which is four year long program consisting of 3 years of academic work and 1 year of clinical rotations.

Admission to the SCCP is competitive and is based on the applicant’s completion of pre-pharmacy requirements , GPA, academic record, letters of recommendation, interview evaluations, PCAT and SAT/ACT scores, honors/awards, extracurricular activities, work experience, and student personal statement concerning their goals for a career in pharmacy. Applicants must take the PCAT and have official scores reported prior to the end of the application period, on or before January 15, 2006.

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Required Pre-Requisites

General Chemistry- CH 101 & 102- 8 hours
Organic Chemistry- CH 223, 224, 227 (lab), & 228 (lab)- 8 hours
Physics- PHYS 207 & 208- 6 hours
Calculus- MTHSC 106- 3 hours
Statistics- EX ST 301- 3 hours
Biology- BIOL 103 & 104 or 110 & 111- 8 hours
English Comp- ENGL 101- 3 hours
Engl Lit/Comp- ENGL 207 or 208- 3 hours
Verbal Skills- COMM 150 or 250- 3 hours
Econ- ECON 200- 3 hours
Psychology- PSYC 201- 3 hours
Lib art Electives- 9 hours
Human Anat/Phys- BIOSC 223 & 224 (no labs required)- 6 hours
Total 66 hours


Advisor Information

Dr. Ric Garcia
Box 341902, 330 Long Hall
Clemson, SC 29634
[email protected]