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R1, commonly known as "The Pit", is the residential parking lot located off of Silas Pearman Boulevard (formerly known as Perimeter Road), just past the Botanical Gardens and Lightsey Bridge. The lot can be accessed via Silas Pearman Boulevard or by turning off of Cherry Road. A residential parking permit is required. During football season, this is the only lot open for student parking beginning 24 hours before game time and ending after the game. Overflow parking is usually provided at the Botanical Gardens' Fran Hanson Discovery Center.

R1 is the largest by far of all the residential lots. There's a section on the right side (looking from Perimeter) that has access to a path leading to Lightsey Bridge I, and it's not a long walk. But on the left, it's a fairly decent trek uphill to get to the Hendrix Center and, beyond that, the high rises and horseshoe. It's probably a good 10 or 15 minutes from R1 to the east campus dorms like Holmes or McCabe, and for that reason most of those residents choose to park in R2 or R3.

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