Red Carpet Lounge

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The Red Carpet Lounge is notable for being the second "bar" to open in downtown Clemson in the fall of 1968, after the proprietor had split up with his partner after opening the Study Hall across the street. Remodelling a hardware store, "The Feedbag", in the one-story building at 116 College Avenue across the alley from the Mason's building, the Red Carpet was a center of downtown social activity at a time that Clemson's nightlife was extremely limited.

In 1970 it had a menu featuring fried chicken, and offered 25 cent draft beer during Happy Hour, which ran from 2-7 p.m. daily. In 1970 and 1971 it also featured live go-go dancers.

In the 1974-75 period, wooden nickels were distributed with the purchase of a pitcher and a (large) given number of them could be redeemed for a pony keg.

Pinball machines and foosball tables were featured.

The Red Carpet was still quite popular through the mid-1970's, but when a Redneck shot one of his brethren in the rear of the "lounge" on September 22, 1977, the die was cast. Students stayed away thereafter, and the Red Carpet closed that winter. The Tiger Town Tavern took over the space in the spring of 1978. The Red Carpet's phone number WAS 654-1720.