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Samuel Broadus Earle was the seventh man to lead Clemson Agricultural College, but served little time as its chief executive. He served as acting president on two occasions, the first time for six months in 1919, and the second time for approximately eighteen months in 1924 and 1925. He is the only leader to retain the title of "acting president."

Earle was born in Gowensville, South Carolina, March 11, 1878. He received his undergraduate degree from Furman University in 1898 and a graduate degree in language and mathematics from that same institution in 1899. In 1902 Earle continued graduate study in electrical engineering at Cornell University, but did not earn a degree there. (Earle received an honorary doctorate of laws degree from Furman in 1932 and an honorary doctorate in engineering from Clemson in 1959.)

Earle retired from Clemson in 1950 after 48 years of service to the school, and on November 6, 1959, he saw the dedication of The Samuel Broadus Earle Hall, the new chemical engineering building. President Earle celebrated his 100th birthday in Clemson in 1978. He died May 10, 1978 and is buried in Cemetary Hill on the Clemson campus.

As automobiles became more common around Clemson, the 1918 TAPS printed the following:

"Sam Earle teaches Engineering,
He is the best by far;
He even has the genius to teach
One how to run a car."

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