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Schilletter Dining Hall (photo by Jake Stoudenmire)

Schilletter is the west campus dining hall, located just off the Horseshoe, directly next to the High Rises and Low Rises. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and features a pasta bar, salad bar, grill, sandwich shop, southern cooking, soups, fresh pizza, and generally at least one vegeterian item. Prior to Harcombe's renovation, it was regarded as the tastier of the two on-campus dining halls, but speculation among the students since then indicates that Harcombe is now the place to be. As with all meal plan dining halls on campus (with the exception of Clemson House), the food is all you can eat, and they offer a "to-go" service at the rear entrance if you need to get a quick lunch on the go - generally it includes a sandwich, chips and a can soda. Affectionately known to some as The Shitter and Shitletter. Probably appropriate as it is named for August "Shorty" Schilletter, the Clemson College mess steward whose fifteen years of embezzlement was uncovered by President Walter Merritt Riggs in 1912, but hushed up so well for the good of the institution that he would get his own memorial building. "Shorty" was eased out of the college staff in 1919.