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[edit] Overview

Scorpion Cup is a variation of beer pong (or beirut). It is a drinking game that involves four solo cups, two ping-pong balls, a standard beer pong table and beer. The game was developed in Tillman Place 532 and is a great alternative to beer pong.

[edit] History

Scorpion Cup was created by several friends in the fall semester of 2007. According to reliable sources, the game was originally invented because of a low supply of beer, but eventually emerged as one of most popular games played in the residence. The popularity of Scorpion Cup has spread throughout the country and is now played regularly in numerous colleges and universities nationwide.

[edit] Founders of Scorpion Cup

The full list of students involved in the creation of the game is as follows: Gwaa, Larz, Smithas, and Crichmo.

[edit] Instructions on How to Play

Scorpion Cup is a game of elimination. The game begins with four players until there is only one player remaining. To start the game, each of the four players stands at a separate corner of the table with a full cup of beer a few inches in from the edges of the table.

[edit] Deciding Who Takes the First Shot

Although the game is every man for himself, one of the two sides will start with both balls. Flip a coin to decide which side begins with the balls, then flip again twice (once for each ball) between the two players on that side to determine who will start with each ball. It is possible for one person to start with both balls or for both people on a given side to each start with one ball.

[edit] Playing the Game

The game begins by the players shooting at either of the two cups on the other side of the table. It is up to the players to decide which cups to shoot at, as there is typically a good deal of strategy involved in the decision. If one player begins with both balls, he gets to shoot twice in a row at either cup. If both shots are missed, it then becomes the turn of the players on the opposite side of the table. The two balls are distributed depending on whose cup was shot on. For instance, if one player's cup was shot on both times he begins the turn with both balls (and the other player does not shoot that turn). The game continues in this fashion until a shot is made.

When a shot is made, the normal progression of the game stops and the player whose cup was shot has the opportunity to shoot two rebuttal shots on the opposing player's cup. If one of these shots are made the game proceeds as normal. If both shots miss, however, a coin is flipped. The player in question calls it in the air and if he chooses incorrectly he is eliminated permanently for the game. If he succeeds in the final coinflip, the game proceeds as normal.

After one player is eliminated, the game proceeds as normal with the competitors on the side with two players shooting on the sole remaining cup on the opposite side of the table. After one round of shooting, the player who is alone on his side choose to stay on his side or switch sides with one of the other two players. Note: Most players choose to switch sides on the first chance they get, however a player who is confident in their shot will often choose to stay on his side (as he will be given two shots every turn).

When the game is down to two players, each player will move his or her cup to the center on either side of the table and the game proceeds as normal.

[edit] When a Player Loses

It is customary for a losing player to chug his full cup of beer immediately after losing the final coinflip.

[edit] Criticisms

[edit] Game Length

Many have criticized the game for taking too long, usually referring to how difficult it is for a player to become eliminated. Because of this, Scorpion Cup is often played at the end of the night when the beer supply is low.

Several regular players have disputed this criticism, claiming that a game with skilled beer pong players typically does not last longer than a standard game of beer pong.