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Spill the Beans is an ice cream and coffee shop located at 102 N. Clemson Avenue, in downtown Clemson.

[edit] General Info

The ice cream served at Spill the Beans is custom blended per customer's request from a selection of over 30 ingredients into either chocolate or vanilla Mayfield ice cream, sugar free vanilla or yogurt. The ice cream and ingredients are swirled together using a Swirl Freeze Machine which results in a soft serve variety of ice cream that you custom ordered for your taste.

Spill the Bean's coffee and espresso drinks are made from Dillano's beans. There are the classic espresso drinks as well as shop specialities. The signature drinks are generous 20 ounce servings served with a cookie. If you want a drink that is not on the menu, the staff is quite willing to 'experiment' and make the drink you are craving.

Spill the Beans of Clemson opened August of 2006. The location was previously The Clemson Newsstand, and is located around the corner from the Downtown Student Bookstore. It is one of two stores, the other located in downtown Greenville.

Spill the Beans hours of operation are 12 to 11 PM Monday through Saturday and 1:30 to 9 PM on Sunday.

[edit] Contact

Phone: (864)654-1515

[edit] Address

Spill The Beans
102 N. Clemson Avenue
Clemson, SC 29631

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