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Spinning Mule Records was both a music outlet and a record label that was operated for about a decade in the 1990s by Rob Keller in Clemson, South Carolina. It occupied the two-story space on College Avenue that had previously been the second location in Clemson of The Open Book bookstore. It carried both cds and used vinyl. The logo featured a mule wearing sunglasses and overalls, spinning a record on his fingertip, and was a play on a spinning mule, a machine used in textile mills to spin fibers into yarn.

Spinning Mule Records released two compilations of local musicians, Deep South, released in 1992, and Deep South Second, released in 1994. The first comprised 18 bands including The Lubricators (with Kenny Roby from Six String Drag), Sunbrain, Eugene Chadbourne, Thoughtcrime, One 3 Four, Push (with Tony Tidwell), Sleestaks (with Rob Keller from Six String Drag), Redneck Greece De-lux, Medium Rare, Dreamhouse, The Drovers Old Time Medicine Show, Funkvilla, 6 Foot Ants, GQ Posse, Pendulum, Love Psychos (with Russ Hallauer from Sunbrain and Lures), The Shroud (later became Luxury) and Hate Zombie. The second release featured two songs each by nine bands including Sunbrain, Tony Tidwell Trio, The Drovers Old Time Medicine Show, 6 String Drag, Luxury, Ray Harper, The Remedy, Richard Tillinghast & Jennifer Goree and Jerry J. Bryant.

The Drovers Old Time Medicine Show released a seven-inch 33 1/3d Christmas single on green vinyl on the Spinning Mule label.

The business closed in the winter of 2000 as digital music sales continued to cut into the market for bricks and mortar record stores. The space was later occupied by The White Rabbit which moved from its first location at 104 North Clemson Avenue.

The two Deep South compilations are still available through Ghostmeat Records of Athens, Georgia. http://www.ghostmeat.com/otherstuff.html


Spinning Mule Records
405 College Avenue
Clemson, South Carolina 29631

  • 864-654-4041
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