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Stephen M. Gregg (d. January 18, 2005) was the co-founder and owner of the Clemson Newsstand, which closed in December 2005 after his death in Greenville from a degenerative illness earlier that year. An avid fan of science-fiction, he was instrumental in supplying Clemson with literature of both mainstream and s.f. areas for a quarter century. A short-statured, dark-haired gent with full beard and moustache and glasses, Steve was a fixture on Clemson streets as he went striding purposefully along, carrying his daily bank bag for deposit.

Originally opening his business in the newly-built space directly opposite Jimmy Howard's Sloan Street Tap-Room, he eventually moved the news emporium to the other side of the block in spaces on College Avenue previously occupied by the Toke is Cheap headshop, (formerly Nature's Way), and the closed location of the Duke Power business office.

By early 2004 he was suffering from the effects of a rare and difficult to diagnose neurological condition, known as Pick's Disease, which manifests itself increasingly with dementia. Gregg retired to a medical facility in Greenville, leaving the newsstand operation to his partner and employees. He died on January 18, 2005, and the business closed at the end of the year, leaving an intellectual void in town.

The slack has subsequently been picked up by the opening of McClure's Bookshop at 100 McCollum Street, although they do not handle periodicals. Some of the Newsstand staff has transitioned to McClure's, including Dr. John H. Butler, who works the Sunday shift.