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The Vicious Chicken of Bristol One of a million Monty Python references that ARF Trunks pulls out of his ass. Of course, thats not the only thing he pulls out of his ass, if you know what I'm saying. Anyway, the Chicken of Bristol scared Sir Robin Away, yadda yadda yadda. Tastes delicious with a bit of garlic and lime.

I give it 5 out of 10 british accents.

Though not as well known as the Flaming Fag of CT (i.e. you), the Vicious Chicken is a fine substitute for other poultry-themed threats, such as the Upset Turkey of Bangkok, or the Moderately-Ill-Inclined Duck of Alexandra.
Clemson university A school in upstate South Carolina that is composed of the following groups of students:

40% Greeks, with their popped collars, binge drinking, and several new strains of STDs that will some day be used in biological warfare in the middle east.

40% Rednecks, with their giant trucks, cowboy hats, and shitty country music that will one day be used in aural warfare int he middle east.

19% Computer geeks, nerds, and engineering losers, who spend all their time writing code, playing videogames, talking on internet forums, and masturbating to tubgirl. Will one day be used as a human shield to protect much cooler people during warfare in the middle east

1% Cool people, like Epipsychidion, myself, and anybody who calls ARF Trunks gay on a regular basis.

Colors are orange and purple, the football team sucks, and the Tiger should spend more time boxing out our opponent's mascots and less time doing pushups. I love this place

I give it 1 out of top 20.

Way-too-expensive seminary of "higher" learnin'. Made up of drunks and/or engineers. If it weren't for the healthy supply of liberal arts majors who never finish their degrees, Clemson's budget would have been exhausted in 1996, the year of the Great Grad.
ClemsonTalk An internet forum for dorks, losers, geeks, engineers, linux fags, regular fags, nerds, antisocial emo kids, and for some strange reason, The Boss, who is totally out of place.

Also known as Caulfield's playground.

I give it 10 out of 10 broadband connections.

A lesser-quality version of SomethingAwful, a lesser-quality version of real life.

A combination of Clemson students who have no lives/taste, and those hungry for attention.

Halo 1 One of the greatest games ever created, and the sole reason that the XBox is as successful as it is. Despite its lack of internet connectivity, was still leaps and bounds more fun to play online (hacked) than its sequel. I have spent many, many hours yelling and screaming at asian kids who were obviously hacking as they kicked my ass in Blood Gulch CTF. Fuck those asian kids.

I give it 10 out of 10 pistols.

Only played it once, and that was with Bryon and Steven. I have come to the conclusion that my hands were not intended to hold the X-Box controller, and so have retired after a pathetic showing.
Halo 2 Another awesome XBox game, that improved on the original in many ways, but also lost some of the original charm.

Pros: Wider selection of weapons, more balanced, online connectivity, more detailed plot, and the most beautiful graphics to grace the xbox

Cons: The online multiplayer was simplified for new users and lost some of the addicting qualities, the plot seemed to procrastinate just so they could make Halo 3, and there was no pistol

Still an awesome game, but was met with mixed reactions.

I give it 10 out of 10 battle rifles.

I pwnt little kids at this over the weekend. But I'm still not meant to handle the controller. So I have retired as well from this game. Fuck you, X-Box. Nice graphics, though.
Gay? Not sure. Too busy.
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