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The Strom Thurmond Institute
An image of the STI facing the Cooper Library

The Strom Thurmond Institute was dedicated in 1981 as the repository of Senator Strom Thurmond's notes and writings from his political career. It houses several research groups who carry out research on environmental, social and political policy. The groups also seek to enhance public awareness of their various projects. It also contains a small museum of memorabilia from Senator Thurmond's career. Another collection of interest is a series of paintings done by Graem Yates of past US presidents. The Clemson University Special Collections are located here. Self Auditorium hosts various functions.

Ground was broken for the Institute on November 8, 1985, attended by U.S. Vice President George H. W. Bush.

A complete biography of Strom Thurmond, a history of the institute, and details of the collections can all be found at the Strom Thurmond Institute homepage.

The Strom Thurmond Institute is located behind the Cooper Library, between Lowry Hall and the Brooks Center for the Performing Arts.

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