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Is there an easy way to undo someone's edit besides going back, copying the previous revision (but this is hard to do without also highlighting whatever a spammer has put in) , removing all the minus signs, and then editing the article again?


For young minds and children, colorful illustrations play a crucial role in keeping their attention hooked and minds engaged. Not only the colorful pictures increases the content readability and understandability, but it also helps in getting the desired message across the readers. It is through those illustrations and pictures that the children get to learn more and helps in developing an interest in reading.

Where stories are a great way of educating children, illustrations help them in identifying different objects and daily life scenarios and things. A book filled with pictures and images is easier to understand for the budding minds than a written piece. It not only helps the young reader to relate with the story but if he/she could quickly grasp the context of the whole story without even reading a single word.

The main source of attention in children’s books are illustrations. Children respond more quickly and efficiently to images than written words. Since an image holds higher memorability power, a well-illustrated book is easier to remember. For that very reason, most of the children’s books consist of more images and illustrations than words and sentences.

If you have an excellent children’s story to tell but don’t know how to illustrate it, then you can begin with writing down the plot. Where a writer showcases his creativity through an illustrator revamps it, including appropriate illustrations in the book. Since the internet is filled with millions of freelance illustrators. Finding the professional illustrator having drawn numerous famous children’s book illustrations is no longer a challenge. The role of an illustrator is a crucial one in making your children’s book a bestselling one.

Where many people think that illustrations are restricted to only children’s books, the usage and benefits of well-composed and drawn illustrations are far-reaching. Illustrations are used for various purposes and functions in this highly-modernized world. From print media to visual and digital media, illustrations play a pivotal role in all types and categories of content. Whether you are composing a marketing blog or a short story, illustrations are crucial for increasing the readability and enhancing the reader’s interest and engagement.

We live in a world where content is the king, and illustrations contribute to making your content a big success. Illustrations are pieces of artwork which not only improves the quality of your content, but it also adds value to your books and composed content.