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This is a bash at sigma nu and is fucked up. this is an information page not an opinion paper. whoever wrote this is a jerk off

Note that the above comment is unsigned. Everything on the page is fact. Sorry if the truth hurts. The only "bash" of Sigma Nu is that the brotherhood allowed bad behavior, suffered a fatality, and got their charter lifted by national. Fact.

Remember, lad, as a Clemson Man, all will judge you by your deportment and character. "A Clemson Man needs no introduction." Do you really think you are defending and representing Sigma Nu appropriately with this comment? How about providing some chapter history beyond the single line at the top of the article that represented the only contribution on the organization prior to the tragedy.

C. Mark Sublette 11:44, 20 February 2008 (EST)C. Mark SubletteC. Mark Sublette 11:44, 20 February 2008 (EST)

[edit] This is a bash at Sigma Nu, heres some history to back their chapter up

And Sigma Nu's nationals did not take their charter, as a matter of fact they did not even want to punish them and they didnt, only the school did. So maybe the above person needs to learn what the definition of fact is.

JUST IN THE PAST 15 YEARS Sigma Nu has had:

Student Body Presidents: • 1993-94 (Martin Driggers) • 1996-97 (Ted Swann) • 1997-98 (Jim Hendrix) • 1999-2000 (Wil Brasington) • 2007-2008 (Josh Bell) • In past 15 years, Theta Zeta has provided either the President or Vice-President of the Clemson Student Body eight times • Since 1960, Theta Zeta and its predecessor Kappa Delta Chi has provided 15% of all Clemson Student Body Presidents, a feat made even more impressive when one con