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It seems counterintuitive to the purpose of the organization.

Last Chance

I consider it very fair that I invited members of the TB to give their input into this article. I asked that you craft an article that is accurate, informative, and interesting based on the original article and the new input from the Tiger Newspaper. However, you've gone through again and essentially erased the entire article, leaving only the names of the current members. I don't know how many times I have to say this, but whatever agreement the TB had with the Tiger has absolutely nothing to do with the CW.

The current revision is unacceptable to me. Please go back and create an actual article, with at least the same amount of relevant information that was originally present before the Tiger Newspaper's edits. If this isn't done to my satisfaction, I will revert the article back to its most informative state and prevent any more edits.

The purpose of the CW is to be a resource of accurate and interesting Clemson related information, and right now you are a hindrance to that goal. -- Victor 14:41, 9 February 2008 (EST)


I will review the article and decide what information is acceptable for the public eye. Your cooperation is most appreciated.

I have submitted another revision. On such short notice, this is only intended to be an interim article. Members are writing portions for this article that will be submitted as they are complete. We also intend to add more detailed history as should be accessible to the general public. Your continued cooperation is again appreciated.