The Battle of Notre Dame

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The Battle of Notre Dame is a song parody from The Unhymnal, the Unofficial Songbook of the Clemson University Bands, with lyrics penned by Tiger Band saxophonist and quartermaster Dale Walsh, and set to the Theme from "Gilligan's Island". It commemorates the fractious meeting between Clemson and Notre Dame in Death Valley on November 12, 1977.

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale
A tale of a coaching fool
Who coached the Fighting Irish
And loved to blow his cool.
He brought Notre Dame to Tigertown (1977)
But when his team came down
He called the conference
To axe the Tiger's sound.
He claimed that in Death Valley
It's too loud to play the game
And that's what brought the asshole
Who coached them all his fame.
The day had come, they took their place
And waited for the bell
Then Clemson charged down the hill
And opened Orange hell.
They yelled and yelled and yelled some more
They pleaded with their fates
They yelled so loud their yell was heard
In twenty-seven states.
It really doesn't matter now
Who finally won the game.
It's then the Tiger spirit
Took a step toward national fame.
The Tigers still remember, though
The little coach from the past
And how we'd like to cram it up
His big fat fuckin' ass!