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The Clemson Forum is Clemson University's student-run progressive newspaper.

General Info

The organization recently received recognition as a Clemson student organization and is in the process of becoming a member of Clemson Student Media; however it receives no funding, benefits, or office space from the University. The idea for the paper was tossed around seriously in early 2004, and planning began and became serious in late 2004. Co-founded by Judson McKinney and James Yeh, The Forum released its first issue in April 2005 with Yeh as editor-in-chief and McKinney serving as content editor. The issue was printed using funds from private donors, as well as a contribution from the Pickens County Democrats. The organization has since received a yearly grant from Campus Progress - a progressive organization that helps fund college newspapers that have a progressive leaning. The newspaper's stated goals are to help promote discussion and free thought on campus, and the newspaper's tone maintains a wry and tongue-in-cheek quality.


  • Editor-in-chief: Lindsay Stewart
  • Content editor: Peter Bourgon

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