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The Gutter is the former University Union coffee house in the sub-basement of Holtzendorff Hall. Named such because of its location in the old bowling alley.

During the 1970's, when the folk music and coffee house movement was active at colleges throughout the country, the Gutter hosted many musicians, some of which have reached national prominence, including Robin and Linda Williams, who are regulars on Public Radio's A Prairie Home Companion, and Norman and Nancy Blake.

Current operating grounds of the Clemson Air Rifle Club.

Inside of door leading from Godfrey Hall side of Holtzendorff to sub-basement; presumably the same door used for "The Gutter"

A volunteer recalled on September 27, 2007:

I was there on opening night at the Gutter. The Gutter was a real group effort. I used my van and hauled scrap lumber from Clemson Lumber Co. to build tables and the snack bar. Helped haul an old piano from a previous coffee house two floor up down the stairs to the gutter. Scott Jordan was spearhead for the whole project along with a lot of volunteers from the Woodstock Generation. I was not a student at CU then but hung around a lot playing music with David Bethany and playing from the stage on off nights. I met Robin and Linda Williams there in 1970 . I consider these days of my youth not misspent but full of loving , decent people and I miss the passing of those times.

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