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Tom Fetters is a hard-bitten South Carolina railfan who has penned several volumes on Palmetto State railroads. His titles include the "Piedmont & Northern", "Palmetto Traction" (see 1909 for short-lived proposal to build a traction line through Clemson) and "Logging Railroads of South Carolina".

"Tom's interest in railroading began while living with his family in Ottumwa. Iowa. During Tom's youth, his grandfather, an employee of the Milwaukee Road, often took Tom for rides on the steam engines.

"When Tom's family moved to Charleston, South Carolina in 1955, Tom didn't forget those rides with his grandfather. Soon, he ventured on his first solo ride on the Seaboard Air Line, traveling from Charleston to Atlanta and back via North Carolina. His fascination quickly turned to passion, and he began documenting the electric traction of the Piedmont & Northern Railway.

"His curiousity about the Piedmont & Northern opened up a wealth of information on other railroading aspects of South Carolina, including South Carolina loggers. He is interested in South Carolina railroading because 'railroads don't mean much to anyone.' This passion established him as the foremost authority on South Carolina railroading.

"Tom is co-author of the Piedmont & Northern and author of Palmetto Traction. He also has written several articles for South Carolina historical societies.

"His interest in the rare extends to his researching and documenting Lustron homes, dirigibles, geneology and other railroad. He is also a model railroader who enjoys scatchbuilding unique equipment.

"Tom earned a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering from Clemson University in 1961. He lives in Lombard, Illinois with his wife, Gloria, and their daughter, Jean."

- Dust jacket biography for Logging Railroads of South Carolina, Heimburger House Publishing Company, 7236 W. Madison Street, Forest Park, Illinois, 60130, 1990, ISBN 0-911581-09-X.

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