Tiger Tails

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Tiger Tails was Clemson's local strip joint. It had an incredibly poor reputation. Beware. And it is now defunct, replaced by new management in April, 2006. Reopened as Static exotic nightclub for men and women.

General Info

The third such business in this location (previously Goodbodies and Chelsea's), about half-way to Seneca on Highway 123, the girls who appear here were the most local of "talent" and are nothing to write about. Undergoing a remodelling in August 2005, the bar moved to the poolroom side, off the hallway to the girls on the right. Liquor and pails o' beer available at the bar. Way more lurid than sexy. According to Oconee County law, the girls must wear G-strings and pasties. An ATM is located inside.

Billiards were off to the side, but a membership to the Top of the Tavern would be a better investment for the serious pool player.

Stuff you're not supposed to know

The gals dancing have to pony up various amounts of money to the deejay nightly before they run into the black for themselves. The amount varies depending on the day of the week.