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Top of Tiger Town Tavern is a private bar located above Tiger Town Tavern. It can be reached by the set of stairs to the right of the main entrance to Tiger Town Tavern. Since it is a private club, it is open late on Saturdays and on Sundays.

[edit] History

As this was one of Clemson's earliest business buildings, it has been used for a variety of purposes through the decades. In the 1930's there were apartments in the rear of the second floor. By the early 1970's Pizza Hut had opened their original Clemson location on the ground floor, with a photo studio upstairs overlooking College Avenue and Rainbow Graphics screen-printing business in the back two-thirds.

About 1976, Pizza Hut built a new structure on the Highway 123 By-Pass, as it was then called, now Tiger Boulevard, and moved to their present location. A diner-like operation, the Tiger Bite Site, then took over the old Hut space and stayed there about two years. Then, it too moved, taking over what had been the Chanelo's Pizza Gameroom space further up College Avenue.

After the last of the other upstairs businesses closed or moved, Tiger Town management expanded into the vacant two story structure next to the original one floor location, breaking through the wall in the summer of 1980. They succeeded in buying the building from their absentee landlord in 1991, and further renovations were done. The upper level, formerly known as Dewey's Tap Room, a pool hall, was turned into a private club in 1995. Dewey was/is Dwayne C. Brown, long a Triple T employee before he opened TD's.

[edit] Membership

Year long membership is $10 while lifetime membership is $35. Members can sign in 4 guests.

[edit] Pool

Serious pool players can find several open tables here on Monday to Thursday nights.