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Also referred to as the Edgar A. Brown University Union, named after Edgar A. Brown.

This was the old student union before the Hendrix Center was constructed. Located here as of 2005 were the Loggia Latte, the Canteen, Chili's Too, Union Underground and Edgar's Pub, Harcombe Dining Hall, the Student Post Office, Student Senate Chambers, CLEMSONLiVE, the Palmetto Ballroom, and Walter Cox Plaza.

This is still a popular between-class stop for many students on the west-side of campus due to it's vicinity to the west-side dorms and academic halls. The Union has been slated for demolition by 2010, as a new Union complex will be built as part of the new Core Campus Plan However, this date is likely to be extended due to a hold on all new building projects that was put in place in 2009 as a result of significant budget cuts due to the current economic situation.

As of the fall semester, 2009, the Edgar Allen Brown University Union consists of the following:

Fourth level:

Union Recreation Center
University Post Office
CCIT Support Center
Parking Services

Fifth level:

Undergraduate Student Government Offices
Student Senate Chambers
Paw Mart
Harcombe Food Court
Chili's Too
Palmetto Ballroom
Clemson Canteen

Sixth level:

Gantt Center for Student Life
Union Loggia
Apple Store

Seventh level:

Gantt Center for Student Life
Graduate Student Government Offices
Student Organizations Conference Room

Eighth level:

Student Affairs Business Office (SABO)
SABO Conference Room
Mail Room
Classified Staff Senate
Student Financial Education Services
Panhellenic Council

Ninth level:

Office of Community & Ethical Standards
New Student & Sophomore Programs

(Note: The level designations were originally predicated on the whole Johnstone Hall complex, built in 1954. of which the Loggia and offices located above were the centerpiece. As the dormitory was built on a slope, only the now-razed Section F had a Level 1 ground floor. Each alphabetical section of the barracks had four floors numbered by their relative hillside position between 1 and 9. D and F sections had the lowest floors due to the staggered design of the complex.)

For assistance please call Campus Life at 864-656-INFO (4636).