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  • Born in 1986
  • Joined Clemsontalk in late 2004

Posting History

David_sakh was very trollish and spammy when he first joined CT, and has since lost the trollishness but retained the propensity to spam.

David_sakh made peace with even the Nazis and Trolls of Clemsontalk, and has become a professional computer scientist/ninja.

David_sakh frequents forum games, anything goes, and the entertainment forums, and occasionally stops by RP&P to offer a marginally insightful but poorly researched rant.

David_sakh writes every post using his name in the third person.



David_sakh, as others now attest, also reigns as President of Earth (not to be confused with the President of the Galaxy)


Strange but True

David_sakh is an Arabian ninja. His real name actually is David_sakh which, when written nmop apisdn, is Arabic for "you are going to die". He wears his name on a nametag pinned to his ninja outfit when he's out on a mission and since his direction of attack is usually from above while he's upside down the last thing his victims ever see is his nmop apisdn nametag. Unfortunately, most of his victims have not been able to read the message.

StevenZ loves David_sakh, despite the fact that he's a ninja. It has been speculated that StevenZ is merely afraid. mtownse supports this theory, which is good enough.