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A writer for the The Tiger Town Observer and junior at Clemson University. Joined Clemsontalk in March of 2005 in the midst of the Dr. Claw scandal. Initially planned to troll CT for several days in defense of An_Observer, then quit and never return. That plan failed, however, when he realized that Clemsontalk is more addictive than heroin.

Served as the CT News Editor, compiling a list of the greatest threads of each week and posting it on the front page to help the less frequent users keep up, avoid the spam, and find the funny, until he became a mod and bored of all that "News Editor" stuff.

One of the two pirate captains in the Great Oil Piracy Wars of late 2005, opposite of Captain Tomahawkaloogie.

Hates ninjas.

A Brief History of Rep Whoring and Post Spamming

- Joins Clemsontalk on March 13, 2005, immediately insults everyone, goes into red rep.

- Decides to behave, make movie references, use way too many image macros, and bribe other users with a constant flow of rep for the next 9 months.

- On January 2nd, 2006, became the first user on Clemsontalk to receive 10,000 rep points.

- Between January 2nd and June 2nd, became the most prolific and successful rep whore in all of CT history.

- On February 15, 2006, became the third user to hit 10k posts.

- On June 2nd, 2006, became the first user on Clemsontalk to receive 20,000 rep points.

- Currently one of the two Super Moderators on Clemsontalk, with powers just short of levine's admintatorship. Hopes to someday usurp Robot Hitler and seize power. I mean... give Robot Hitler some cookies. Hopes to someday give him cookies.

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