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The Village Green Townhomes is an apartment complex hidden just off Tiger Boulevard in Clemson. It is one of the older complexes in the area, dating to at least the early 1970s, if not before, and is residence to many foreign students. The cooking smells of curry are frequently prominent. In 1962, the area where it is located was still a wooded undeveloped tract.

Consisting of several wings of two-story buildings, finished in a faux half-timbered design, the complex boasts a pool for residents and guests. It is tucked into the wooded area behind Walgreen's Drugs on College Avenue and the defunct Miami Subs Pizza & Grill on Tiger Boulevard. Some units are rentals while others are privately-owned.

For a time, in the 1980s, Clemson University leased the whole complex as satellite student housing.

Perhaps, because it is so secluded and not visible from the near-by roads, the complex has been dubbed "Area 51", after the ultra-secret Air Force Base in the Nevada desert associated with advanced, classified aircraft testing, and the apartments' location is so marked on the CAT Bus route maps.

A wing of the Village Green Apartments caught on fire on March 22, 2006, rendering thirty-two Clemson students homeless[1]. The wing was rebuilt.

In March 2010, long-disused in-ground trash receptacles at the ends of the building wings were removed with a small front-end loader. In April, the rear parking area on the south side of the property was revamped with a large previously-paved area being returned to grass and the dumpsters relocated to a point slightly further east.

[edit] Address

Village Green Townhomes
1108 Tiger Boulevard
Clemson, South Carolina 29631

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